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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubDDCA: Turf 3DDCA: C GradeDDCA: D GradeDDCA: Under 15 - 3DDCA: Under 13 - 2DDCA: Under 13 - 3DDCA: Under 11 - 3 FriDDCA: One Day 2DDCA: Turf 3 ReservesDDCA: Turf 3DDCA: C GradeDDCA: D GradeDDCA: Under 15 - 3DDCA: Under 13 - 2DDCA: Under 13 - 3DDCA: Under 11 - 3 FriDDCA: One Day 2DDCA: Turf 3 Reserves
Ahmad, JamilFountain Gate Cricket Club00000001400000000140
Ali, HassanFountain Gate Cricket Club04000000150400000015
Arora, PavanveerFountain Gate Cricket Club000079000000079000
Arora, SanmitFountain Gate Cricket Club000079000000079000
Arora, SwarajFountain Gate Cricket Club00017000000001700000
Azadzoi, ZakiFountain Gate Cricket Club000900000000900000
azimi, sultan aliFountain Gate Cricket Club00000001200000000120
Balasuriya, DinupaFountain Gate Cricket Club01500000000150000000
Balasuriya, ManupaFountain Gate Cricket Club01400000010140000001
Balasuriya, Thisal VFountain Gate Cricket Club01700000000170000000
Ballard, JonathonFountain Gate Cricket Club000079000000079000
big, shuhabFountain Gate Cricket Club000079000000079000
Bloch, AbdullahFountain Gate Cricket Club000300000000300000
Bracebridge, Dylan JFountain Gate Cricket Club020000002020000002
Bradley, Tom RFountain Gate Cricket Club010000000010000000
Chaudhari, PreetFountain Gate Cricket Club00000011000000001100
Chu, EmmanuelFountain Gate Cricket Club060000000060000000
Cromie, OscarFountain Gate Cricket Club00018000000001800000
Dart, Wayne GFountain Gate Cricket Club088000003088000003
De Wet, JustinFountain Gate Cricket Club18000000011800000001
Desai, AnimeshFountain Gate Cricket Club000000002000000002
Dexter, JedFountain Gate Cricket Club010000000010000000
Driscoll, Keagan PFountain Gate Cricket Club100000000100000000
Flannery, BenjaminFountain Gate Cricket Club00007911000000791100
Galappatthy, Ruwan PFountain Gate Cricket Club20000000102000000010
Gamage, Kevin KFountain Gate Cricket Club010000000010000000
GANATRA, AMMARFountain Gate Cricket Club00000012000000001200
Gunasekera, JanaranjanaFountain Gate Cricket Club01400000000140000000
Habibi, RohullahFountain Gate Cricket Club000000070000000070
Hameed, JamalFountain Gate Cricket Club000000060000000060
Hameed, Mohammad EFountain Gate Cricket Club00000001400000000140
Hameed, Mohammad ZFountain Gate Cricket Club00200001100020000110
Hanafy, HanifFountain Gate Cricket Club00000001400000000140
Hashimi, AliFountain Gate Cricket Club00018000000001800000
Ivancich, DamianFountain Gate Cricket Club002000000002000000
Jackson, RussellFountain Gate Cricket Club02000000130200000013
Jerram, MatthewFountain Gate Cricket Club16000000001600000000
Jose, DaleFountain Gate Cricket Club14000000001400000000
Kelaart, Michael DFountain Gate Cricket Club01700000010170000001
Kelaart, TristanFountain Gate Cricket Club02000000120200000012
Khalil, AyaanFountain Gate Cricket Club004979000004979000
Khalil, Ayden ZFountain Gate Cricket Club540000007540000007
Khalil, TurhanFountain Gate Cricket Club02150000000215000000
Khawaja, GhazanfarFountain Gate Cricket Club000000060000000060
King, DeclanFountain Gate Cricket Club00000012000000001200
King, RyanFountain Gate Cricket Club00000012000000001200
Kulasekara, Shahan CFountain Gate Cricket Club01200000000120000000
Kulasekara, Shanuka DFountain Gate Cricket Club010000000010000000
Kumara, RodniFountain Gate Cricket Club19000000001900000000
langdon, mitchFountain Gate Cricket Club000079000000079000