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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubDDCA: Turf 3DDCA: D GradeDDCA: E GradeDDCA: F GradeDDCA: F Grade2DDCA: Under 16 - 3DDCA: Under 14 - 3DDCA: Turf 3 ReservesDDCA: Under 18 - 2DDCA: Under 12 - 4DDCA: Under 10 - 4DDCA: Turf 3DDCA: D GradeDDCA: E GradeDDCA: F GradeDDCA: F Grade2DDCA: Under 16 - 3DDCA: Under 14 - 3DDCA: Turf 3 ReservesDDCA: Under 18 - 2DDCA: Under 12 - 4DDCA: Under 10 - 4
Ahmed, JaiFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Ahmed, NehanFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Akin, AydinFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000010000000000100
Balasuriya, Thisal VFountain Gate Cricket Club0000100000000001000000
Ballard, JonathonFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Big, ShuhabFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Booker, AdamFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000010000000000100
Castricum, AdamFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000010000000000100
Dart, Wayne GFountain Gate Cricket Club0001000000000010000000
De Wet, JustinFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000200000000002000
Desai, AnimeshFountain Gate Cricket Club0100000000001000000000
Dexter, JedFountain Gate Cricket Club0100000000001000000000
Dissanayake, Shammi KFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Downe, OliverFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Gunasekera, JanaranjanaFountain Gate Cricket Club0000100000000001000000
Habibi, RohullahFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Hampapur Rangaraj, RohanFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000100000000001000
Hancock, RyanFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000010000000000100
Hussain, SamirFountain Gate Cricket Club0100000010001000000100
Jackson, RussellFountain Gate Cricket Club0100000000001000000000
Jerram, MatthewFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000200000000002000
Johnson, MarkFountain Gate Cricket Club0000100000000001000000
Jose, DaleFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Jose, SamFountain Gate Cricket Club0000100000000001000000
Kazizada, SalimFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Kazizada, SamirFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Kelaart, Michael DFountain Gate Cricket Club0001000000000010000000
Khalil, AyaanFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Khalil, Ayden ZFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Khalil, TurhanFountain Gate Cricket Club0001000000000010000000
Khawaja, GhazanfarFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Lawrence, Michael GFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Lees, HarrisonFountain Gate Cricket Club0000101000000001010000
Lucas, David LFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000100000000001000
McLaren, TimothyFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000200000000002000
Meraj, ZahelFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Meraj, ZiaFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Miller, HarryFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000010000000000100
Millman, CalebFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Mirranay, AurangFountain Gate Cricket Club0100000000001000000000
Mirranay, JahanzebFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Mirranay, KhalidFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Mirranay, ZakiFountain Gate Cricket Club0110000000001100000000
Modi, Parth SFountain Gate Cricket Club0020000000000200000000
Nally, JakeFountain Gate Cricket Club0000001000000000010000
Neve, MattFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000100000000001000
Nunn, BraydenFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000010000000000100
Pal, Ray AFountain Gate Cricket Club2000000000020000000000
Pradeep, Antony RFountain Gate Cricket Club0100000100001000001000
Premi, Davandeep DFountain Gate Cricket Club0000000200000000002000